“…today is ours, it’s always been…” -skillet

“…by your spirit we are bold…”

“…if we’re gonna walk, we walk as lions…”


this just hit a nerve…

I’m pretty sure Kevin Love doesn’t need the the not so sophisticated life sticking up for him, for sure, but really, Barstool Sports?

If anyone has watched the pre-game ritual hand claps and any of the other pre-game stuff of the Cavs…yes, this white boy, does indeed have moves. Be real, he’s an African-American man trapped in a white body.

I just feel like if Barstool Sports was going to troll on Kevin Love they could’ve done better. That video was low and didn’t even make any sense, unless I’m missing something.

Besides, the poor guy gets trolled on enough…they should at least acknowledge he did get that much awaited NBA Championship in 2016 and has many accolades to his name in his 8/9 year basketball career. There may be a lot to hate on, but there’s also a lot to love.

No pun intended.

Get with the program, peeps. K.Love is a classy dude. Don’t be hatin’.