“Don’t overthink this…” -Coach Ty Lue

I think this is the first time I’ve ever gotten super emotional over a sporting event…

Basically if you watched Game 7 of the NBA Finals and are a Cleveland fan…you probably know how I’m feeling.

Thank you to Coach Lue, all his coaching staff, the Cavs and especially LeBron James for bringing home a championship to a very hungry Cleveland fan base.

I’ve never been an avid sports fan and usually took interest in specific players rather than teams…and this year LBJ, Kyrie, and the rest of the Cavs made me a believer and most certainly had me, “All in.” We as fans have had the unique opportunity to see NBA history written before our very eyes.

Thank you, Cavs, for an amazing 2015-2016 season! Your championship is well-deserved after all your hard work this season. Couldn’t be more proud of my home team!

#AllIn216 #Believeland #AllInCLE #NBAFinals2016Champions

I love all of you guys.