“Na-to-the-ah-to-the-no, no, no…” -M.Trainor

I love Meghan Trainor’s song, No…I think it captures the spirit of any female who’s independent minded and doesn’t define herself by the guys she dates or hangs out with.

However, what has me in a slight tiz is the OKC vs Golden State game…OKC was pretty hot, but then Golden State turned up for the win…

Obviously, I haven’t followed Golden State closely, but they never cease to amaze…and if the they’re the team that the Cavs end up facing, I have no answers or observations about Golden State to really share. Just from watching OKC and Golden State…when Golden State is firing threes, doesn’t matter if it’s Steph Curry or in tonite’s case it was Klay Thompson…when they’re hot, they’re hot…and when GSW has their game on, they prove to be a force to be reckoned with.

Whoever the Cavs end up facing in the finals, whether it’s OKC or Golden State…the Cavs are going to have put up their best games ever and really turn it up. The game I watched tonite seemed like a totally different style of play from what I’ve been watching as far as the Cavs all season. Like RJ mentioned in last nite’s post-interview with Fred McLeod, you have to have a little bit of luck on your side during the playoffs and finals…and Lady Luck was definitely with the Warriors tonite. We’ll see what happens Monday.

So guys…stay aggressive and keep coming together…win this for The Land. It’s not just about being hungry for a championship…it’s about doing whatever it takes to make that championship happen. In the words of LBJ’s popular hashtag…#StriveForGreatness.


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