“Honey, life is just a classroom…” -T.Swift

Aaannnd…Taylor Swift’s New Romantics music video is 4 days young…

Not into regrets, but unfortunately I didn’t have anyone to drag with me to see the 1989 tour…but if I had, we would’ve had a blast…

Alas, that’s what happens when some of your besties or close fam aren’t as into T.Swift as you…

Anyways…so what about those NBA 2016 Playoffs? Whew, just caught the Cavs game and realized how real this ish is…I’ve caught bits and pieces of playoff games in the past, but with my new found interest in b-ball…it was actually pretty riveting.

I also decided to tune in to some Cavs TV afterwards and I thought their PR did a good job of putting together a short video about what the playoffs mean to different members of the team. Please click here if you’d like to watch.

Well done men! Let’s get it done again on Wednesday! #AllIn216 #CavsPistons #NBAPlayoffs2016


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