Case of the Mondays…

On a positive note, I have to say great job to the Cavs on Saturday in the game against the Knicks. 9 more games left, please bring some more victories against the Rockets and the Nets while you’re all back in The Land. Again, not a basketball expert, but continue to play as a team and show everyone what y’all are made of!! Let’s get ready to bring a championship to The Land, finally! #AllForOne

On a different note major props to K.Love on Saturday’s game. Great job putting up some major pointage once again against the Knicks and major props to Mr. James on his awesome dunk of the nite.

On a less positive note, and maybe I just need a little something to rant about, the K.Love criticism needs to stop. I know it won’t just because I’m saying something, but really? I will admit with the coaching switch and after the trade rumors that were flying around K.Love’s been getting more positive press, but to all the negative press, really? He’s obviously doing his job everyday seeing how and where he fits in, and even if he’s not putting up 28 or 29 points a nite, he’s still an integral part of the Cavs. Isn’t it enough he’s started every game he’s played in unless he’s been sick or injured.

Also, have any of the critics bothered to check out K.Love’s 3 part series on the Player’s Tribune website about the rehab from his shoulder injury?  I guess, my point is what more do they want from him short of performing a miracle for the Cavs? Which I mean we have LeBron James, right…and I feel like Mr. James is putting 110%+ along with Kyrie Irving and all the other Cavs players.

So haters gonna hate, I suppose, but is all the criticism happening because the Cavs are trying to become NBA championship ready? Who knows. I just wanted to add my two cents about K.Love, because I feel like he’s taking all the heat, but all the critics aren’t really giving any plausible solutions, and while there’s definitely been improvement his game, people are still talking.

Oh well, probably not my non-basketball expert place to speak. Again, just a concerned Cavs fan who supports the whole team and just wondering what’s up with some of the criticism. I just feel like he wouldn’t be commanding the salary he’s commanding if he wasn’t doing what he’s paid to do. Just saying.

And once again in response to the critics, K.Love did happen to help propel the team along with LeBron James and the rest of the team in Kyrie Irving’s absence so all those victories before Kyrie returned do mean something and he did play a definite if not major role in those victories pre-Kyrie this season. K.Love also has stepped up the two times that Kyrie’s been out…e.g. the game against OKC and Saturday’s game against the Knicks, so these discussion points have to count for something, right?

Here’s the link to one a more positive article I’ve recently read on the Cavs and K.Love from

I guess my overall point is that K.Love does more than just sit there and look pretty on the sidelines.

Ok, enough with the defense of K.Love and on to a few song’s from today’s playlist. I have to give the R & B and Hip-Hop world some major kudos for their takes on a few recent country songs. I just heard Nelly’s version of Thomas Rhett’s song Die a Happy Man and totally loved it, so that is the first song in today’s playlist. The second song is an 80’s throwback, just because, and the last song is one that I love by Stars Go Dim, that’s been in frequent rotation on a local Christian station that I enjoy. Without further ado and for your listening pleasure, I present the YouTube videos of these three songs. Have a good nite everyone!


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