“It’s gone, gone, baby, it’s all gone…” -Matchbox Twenty

So what about them Cavs?

“Yikes,” is all I have to say about tonight’s game against the Heat.

I was on the edge of my seat last nite with the Magics game, but tonite’s game with the Heat was a whole different story. When I’m visibly wincing as the other team is making buckets…there has to be something wrong.

The obvious part is that the Miami Heat played a good game, but is it safe to say that the Cavs have improved since their last meet up with the Heat?

Again, not a basketball expert, but just saying. Since the Cavs made some new additions, I definitely have to say the bench is starting to pick up and do a lot better. When K.Love, Kyrie, and LBJ sat down to let some of the other guys get some minutes, they didn’t put in a half bad effort considering the circumstances. The Cavs were down at least 30 by the time all 3 had sat down and then decreased the deficit to a little over 20…and guys like Jefferson and James Jones had some pretty nice shots…

However, guys, could you please pull it together? This may not be your last encounter with the Heat…and while your last meet up with the Heat in December was maybe not as painful…guys, please?? Just play your best and WIN. Thanks.

Not sure how relevant this quote is to the Cavies…buuuttt…I really like it…Let’s.go.Cavs. Final push ’til the playoffs!!!




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