“Oh my goodness…” -O.Murs

I am literally starstruck right now. It’s been a few days since I’ve checked my Twitter account so when I just checked today, I nearly fell over in my seat.

The model Niki Taylor just followed my account, no joke. Click on the link to take a look:

Niki Taylor Just Followed Me on Twitter!

I’ve been getting a really eclectic following, but to have an actual person that I’ve read about and whose career I’ve admired, what an honor!

I first learned about Ms. Taylor as a teen when she was one of the spokespeople for Cover Girl and then learned more about her when she was featured in Teen Magazine when her sister passed away suddenly. Pretty tragic story, and one I need to revisit since it’s been so long, but I’ve just always been a fan of her work and hearing about her thru the media. From what I remember she had twin boys and I saw a photo shoot of her and her boys in People Magazine and thought it was absolutely adorable. I think they had puppies in the shoot too, which, anything cute, furry, and living makes my heart melt every time (ok, stuffed animals are cute too, but you get the point).

More recently, I noticed she started modeling for the clothing store Talbot’s which has some pretty nice clothing that I’m into. Between Talbot’s and Ann Taylor, I feel like they are classic women’s stores that are always on point as far as work, casual, and dress up clothing. Both stores are a great point of fashion reference, very classy indeed.

Yes, so that just totally made this beautiful, sunshiny day that much better. A huge THANK YOU again to Ms. Niki Taylor for the follow. I love and appreciate it!

I leave you with this song by Olly Murs…of course this would probably be me when any guy I like actually pays attention to me, but I think it’s appropriate for this post. Happy Friday!

P.S. To all you ladies out there, isn’t Olly Murs totes adorbs?! #TheNextGreatestBritishImport


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