It’s not manipulation…

This may be up for debate, but I’m very much or learned to be a person who views things from an,”It is what is,” perspective.

I think everyone has the ability to give input or insight into a situation and call it manipulation or what you will, but a person has the right, responsibility, or freedom to choose how he or she responds to a particular situation.

On my part, I can’t say I haven’t manipulated because I’m only human after all, but how I choose to live my life, express my opinions, and thoughts is my prerogative. I consider myself to be a very fair person, and fair doesn’t necessarily mean that I’ll treat everyone equally. If you’re familiar with Bible at all, you should check Jesus’ parable about the owner of the vineyard and the people he hired.

Here’s the link to the parable:

I’m a big believer that if you want something in life, you go for it, so please forgive me if you don’t like how I go about doing things, but you’re not me living my life, you don’t know my life story, and you have no idea what goals I’m working towards or what I feel I’m called to do. This isn’t really about me in the end ultimately.

Have a great Saturday everyone! It’s a beautiful day, enjoy it!


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