Music takes me back…

I like all sorts of music…and I was just watching the a music video of one of my favorite songs from freshman year of college.

Maybe if I wasn’t raised a certain way, I genuinely would’ve been a punk rock sort of a girl…blue highlights in my hair…choosing PacSun over American Eagle…into extreme sports and thrill seeking endeavors…a surfer chick, maybe…a girl who chose snowboarding over skiing, been more of a feminist, maybe becoming a punk rock Christian similar to Colton Dixon.

Not that I can’t engage in all of those activities as the person I am right now, the possibilities are endless…I’m just wondering if may be I hadn’t been so constrained by how “things should be” how else could I’ve been? Sometimes I feel like I should’ve followed a beat to a different drum…

Definitely happy with who I am, but I’m just curious as to how differently I would’ve turned out if I didn’t have such definitive ideas about certain things in life.

I leave you with the song “Echo,” by Colton Dixon. Shoutout to the friend who introduced me to him…his music seems to be resonating with me right now…


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