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I’m feeling un-inspired tonight and when I feel un-inspired, my mind tends to wander off in odd ways. Maybe I’ve been reading too much about the research process for grad. school. Or maybe it’s my mind’s way of recovering from being mentally tossed around and critically thinking.

What may or may not have set me off is the Cavs loss to the Warriors last night.

The loss was incredible, and if you’re a Cavs fan, I don’t think any other words are necessary.

However, and I’m knocking my own credibility, right now as a Cavs fan, as I have yet to watch all the interviews post-Cavs-Warriors game, I was super-disappointed that one, Cavs TV didn’t interview Kevin Love post-game and the interview I did catch by the Akron Beacon Journal was totally un-flattering. No one, at least, as far as what I’ve watched so far post-Cavs-Warriors game, called him out on the pick and roll fail, which was discussed on SB Nation…and honestly, the questions that were asked didn’t seem relevant. At least in my novice sports-person opinion. I mean seriously? They asked K. Love about his confidence and lack of inspired playing. Why didn’t they stick with questions like, “What do you think went wrong with the game? How do you think you, yourself, and your team can improve?” And why didn’t they ask him a more focused question like, “What do you think you and your team lacked tonight?”

I have no idea, I’m not a sports news reporter, nor do I wish to be, but I just thought the questions in K. Love’s interview with the press post-game weren’t very meaningful to Cavs fans.  They didn’t get down to the nitty-gritty and say, “You guys just epic-failed against the Warriors, what’s the game plan?”

I suppose I should just pipe down and stick to my day job, but c’mon, I’m sure every Cavs fan was excitedly anticipating this match up. Especially since the Cavs appeared to play their hearts out on the Christmas Day. Even though the Cavs lost, that game was definitely a lot easier to watch than last night’s. True, the season is still young, but with everyone on the squad back and healthy again…definitely not a basketball expert, but they need to get into that better rhythm they keep talking about.

While I support what K. Love discussed in the Fox Sports article from yesterday, from watching the Akron Beacon Journal interview, he lacked the natural confidence he usually has.

And as a Cavs fan looking down from that proverbial bridge…K. Love’s comments from that interview would not have been enough to stop me from jumping from that proverbial bridge…

I felt like his unsaid message was, “After we got figuratively murdered by the best team in the NBA, we basically don’t have a lot to offer our fans at this point in time.”

As an “all in” Cavs fan, who wants to hear that? I want to hear how they’re going to get better.

Maybe I need to go listen to Kyrie, LeBron, and Coach Blatt . (Sorry, Coach Blatt, I did read on social media that you took responsibility for last night’s game, however…your team is pretty deep, and you can’t solely be responsible for last night’s fiasco. Although it’s very mature, adult of you to take the blame. Oh my poor phrasing skills…)

Would you like to see what I’m referring to? Please click on the following links and view the video:

Pick and Roll Fail: http://www.sbnation.com/2016/1/18/10787994/kevin-love-defense-vine-pick-and-roll-warriors

“Look in the mirror”: http://www.foxsports.com/nba/story/kevin-love-lebron-james-cleveland-cavaliers-golden-state-warriors-011916


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