“Make this go on forever..” -Snow Patrol

He was literally the most perfect guy I had ever heard about.


However, friend opinion tends to be biased, but I really honestly thought he was going to be the best person I had ever met.

He caught my eye one snowy late Friday morning.

He was someone else’s boyfriend.

I forgot about him intentionally.

They broke up.

Red flags were running through my head.

However, sometimes you can’t help who you end up interested in or maybe that person was interested in you first, and somehow things just ended up working out.

I mentioned he was cute to our mutual friend…

She mentioned, that she pulled up my Facebook profile to show him…

She said, he said he thought I was cute too.

I thought, “Yeah right, he was just being polite.”

She suggested I attend his Christmas concert that Saturday and then e-mail to let him know I was interested.

I said I really would like to go, but I had to study for finals…

She said she would introduce us sometime.

I thought, “No way, you guys are close…you both may get back together someday.”

I said, “Ok.”

I didn’t expect to meet him…

I was at a school event with a presentation I had put together for one of my classes. If any of our peers attended, they would earn extra credit. My friend told me she would stop by that night.

Guess who she brought with her? Yep, HIM.

Oh the irony. The previous night while working on my presentation I had met with one of my close college friends. I was all broken up and bent out of shape because I knew things were not going to work out with a guy I had a crush on from a few of my previous classes.

Divine intervention? Maybe.

As she was introducing us, I’m pretty sure my face was turning fifty shades of red, but I did manage to extend my hand, force a smile on my face, and say hello.

So that’s how I met HIM.

It wasn’t an easy beginning for us as far as our dating relationship, but the one thing that stood out to me is how after all the initial awkwardness, we developed a really good friendship in addition to dating each other. He literally became my best friend the year that we dated.

In a lot of ways I looked up to him, even though he was year younger. He had a crazy work ethic. He was able to balance being a student athlete, good student, run a student-led singing group and work. Overall, he was pretty perfect and a great catch for any girl, which I was all too aware of.

Maybe I didn’t deserve to date a guy that awesome. However, we did date and in spite all of the growing pains I encountered personally, I have to say our time together was well worth it mostly.

So that was US…and it’s a lot like “The Story of Us,” by T.Swift now.


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