“Love yourself…” -J. Biebs

I’m not sure if this universal to everyone, but has anyone had a never-ending break up?  Like it was the break-up that would just not end?  One of you out of a moment of weakness would text or call the other?

I’m not going to say yay or nay to the hypothetical situation, but I will say, I have experienced dating relationships where, I’ve thought to myself, “We’re so done.”

This Justin Bieber song describes some of the sentiments that I myself, and I’m sure many others have experienced too.

It’s like getting that random friend request from your ex on Facebook or (this is dating me back to the internet stone age…) that AOL instant message from your ex who just so happens to be a dating a hot and intelligent female, and leaves you mentally saying, “WT*?!”

Anyways, I’m obsessed with this new J. Biebs song for one reason or another and thought I’d give a quick explanation as to my sentiments towards the song.

#Enjoy #JBiebsLove


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