How it all began…

It was freshmen college orientation and we were all gathered for move-in day, a retreat, and orientation.

I was with my roommate and some newly made friends and we were wandering into the common room where most of the activities we were going to be held. The facilitator asked us to break into groups for an ice-breaker activity.

I saw a guy sitting by himself who was kinda cute, so I took the initiative and asked him if he wanted to join us.  He did, but he looked slightly annoyed.  While trying to remain cheerful, I tried engaging him with the group, but he brushed all my attempts at being social aside.

What a great beginning, right?

The weekend progressed, my class got to know each other pretty well. I reined myself in to act disinterested in this disagreeable fellow. He was popular with some other girls in my class in a different suite, but we both were mutually trying to ignore each other.

The first semester progressed and I would see him from time to time with new friends I had made.  Around the guys he seemed like the class joke, constantly being teased and harassed for various things.

One hot afternoon after our math class, I was walking with he and a mutual friend back to the dorms and I accidentally tripped over a piece of broken up cement and wiped out completely, scraping my knee and ripping my favorite pair of jeans.

His reaction? He acted like it didn’t even happen. He didn’t ask if I was ok…nothing.  I walked into the dorms, straight into the restrooms and cleaned myself up.

Seasons changed, the next semester we progressed from occasionally existing to each other, to exchanging brief hellos. One semester turned into another semester, and we finally progressed from “hello,” to having short conversations.

I ended up becoming pals of sorts with one of his best guy friends in our class. That friendly rapport with one of his best pals led me to being invited to his best pal’s birthday dinner, which led me to riding in his car with one of my best pals, which led to the three of us exchanging cell phone numbers, which led to a mysterious call from a saved number I didn’t recognize one random Saturday morning.

That call led him to my dorm suite, which led to him asking if I’d like to do dinner and a movie, which left me wondering if he had just asked me out on a date.

The nebulous outing was a date…and that date led to spending a lot of time with each other and other dates for a short while…

He went from being an annoyance to one of the better friends I made that year and half and dating him was definitely the better part of my first year of college.

Throwback music video to freshmen year of college by one of my favorite bands (one that he and I mutually liked as well as a bunch of our classmates)…the All-American Rejects.




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