“So is it going to be forever? Or is it going to go down in flames?” -T. Swift

Happy 2016!  So I wish I could say that I’m feeling less angsty than I did in my last post, but unfortunately, I feel like I’m re-living some of the days of my teenage angst.  I thought Harry’s frustration in the puppet pals performance down below captures my feelings at present pretty well. The video is a little drawn out, but I think you’ll get the general idea.

Going back to the title of this post, for some reason I am totally bent out of shape about dating.  I have no idea why.  I have no reason to be really.  I’m just on a dating hiatus right now of sorts because I have more pressing things in my life to take care of right now.

I’m not sure if a text from a colleague set me off and has led me to this downer of a mood, but awesomely enough her daughter got engaged and she, being the uplifting lady that she is, told me that hopefully, I’ll be next.

Normally, I take comments like that in stride, because I know it’s the mother in her talking. However, for some reason, today, I’m reeling from the comment.  Not sure if it’s because I’ve had too relaxing of a holiday, the time of the month, or what have you, but I am in the most non-cheery mood ever.

I think part of it is, yes, sure I would love to get engaged, however, that involves getting out there and meeting guys and at the moment, now is not a good time.  I suppose it could be if I met the right person, but part of me is challenging myself and saying, “Am I the right person for someone else?”

Anyways, I chose Taylor Swift’s Blank Space, video because that’s how I feel towards dating right now.  I know, horrible mindset to be in now, right?  However, I remember listening to one of her interviews about the song and how she mentioned she was poking fun at people’s perceptions of her dating life. This is definitely a song I would choose to reflect my dating life because there’s always humor in what’s being said about you, because the truth usually lies somewhere in the middle of between your perception of what happened and what other people’s perceptions of what happened.

Although I know it’s been over a year since this song has come out, kudos to Taylor Swift for coming up with yet another great song that the masses can identify with, and excuse me while I try to clean up the hot mess that I am.

Hello 2016, please give me the strength, courage, and positive attitude to deal with whatever is sent my way.





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