Guilty as charged…

I’m guilty of using around 12/15 words this blog alone which are listed in this article from Muse…of course this is more informal writing, but still…



“You say, I’m crazy…” -Sam Smith

Truthfully, I’m not a fan of love triangles, however, I do feel like you do what you have to do either make a relationship work or end it.

Also, I feel like whoever said, “Love is blind,” needs to adjust it and say that, “Love forgives.” Actually check out Corinthians 13:4-8. Love isn’t blind or stupid, it’s all encompassing and accepting with a certain amount of accountability.

Just some thoughts. That is all.

High School Dayz…

Here’s my throwback Thursday post for this week…

I remember when I first started high school. My friends and myself included kind of sorta thought we were invincible. We were the good kids who got good grades and promoted having good clean fun.

However, in high school, in between all those fond memories, there are some memories, that I would rather forget.

As a freshman in high school I tried my best to get along with everyone, and mostly all I was doing was either saying a simple hello and acknowledging people, because that’s a major part of high school…trying to fit in socially.

It’s been awhile, so I can’t remember if it was the end of Freshman year or the beginning of sophomore year, an acquaintance of mine who would become a good friend confided in me that he or she was not necessarily considering taking his or her own life, but was having thoughts along those lines.

I admit, our class was sort of a pressure cooker. We all were personally motivated to be successful and get good grades and be active participants in different extracurriculars whether it was music related or sports, and many of us, even if we didn’t like to admit it faced a certain amount of pressure to do well from families.

Anyways, I’m not sure if it was that sort of pressure that caused this person to reach out to me, but how I handled the situation proves how young, naïve, and stupid I was.

As an adult now, I would have encouraged this person to open up to his or her parents or one of the guidance counselors at school and would have volunteered to go with him or her if that would’ve helped. However, this was in the day when writing notes was “the thing,” I tried to write him or her encouraging notes to lift him or her up. This continued for at least 6 months, until one December day.

It was a Monday and I was coming off of an emotionally draining weekend. A death had occurred in our family so I had missed class that Friday and spent both days with family. It was a heartbreaking weekend too. There were moments of laughter of course, but there were a lot of tears.

Back to the following Monday. I was in study hall with my friends. I wasn’t feeling super great because of the time of the month, however, I was suddenly called down to the guidance counselor’s office. Apparently I had been implicated in some sort of “suicide” ring and my parents had been called.

Needless to say, I tried to explain to my parents my side of the story, but they were reeling from the shock that they had been called about me having that sort of issue and that one call ended up breaking down a lot of trust I had with them. They were just as upset if not more so than I was over what had transpired that weekend with the death in our family and the call from my school just made it ten times, if not one hundred times worse.

My parents decided to take a look at a personal journal I was keeping, which I didn’t really care whether they read or not. In my house, anything written down is never necessarily private or sacred, so I didn’t think they would necessarily find anything and I wasn’t trying to hide anything from them. However, after they read it themselves, they were not on the same page and begged to differ with me.

Pretty heavy stuff, right? I didn’t necessarily want to open up about this, but at work I heard there was a recent suicide and suicide attempt in local school districts, and it just brings to the forefront in my profession how real issue this really is.

I’m not a trained psychologist, therapist or psychiatrist…but I can say it’s important that when faced with this issue to open up to other people you trust and help get that person the help that they need if he or she confides in you about having any serious thoughts of suicide. As an adult, I wish I had opened up to my parents right away and even the guidance counselor at school, because I had no business trying to handle that situation on my own, no matter how well-meaning my intentions were.

My apologies for the more serious post…but it’s something I wanted to address.

“Rumor has it…” -Adele

I hope I’m not creating negative energy by weighing in because I feel like it’s one of those situations where I feel like it’s best to keep my opinions to myself…however, I’m more than curious about how the release of David Blatt is going to trickle down and affect the rest of the team.

Off and on I’ve been Googling various search terms about the Cavaliers. One rumor I was surprised to read about was was earlier in December 2015 after the Cavs vs. Portland game. The rumor was that there was talks of trading in Kevin Love and as the season continues, those rumors are starting to perpetuate itself in recent weeks, which leaves me as a fan wondering what’s going to happen next.

However, it’s not just rumors about K. Love getting traded, the sports world has also been throwing around the idea of Timofey Mozgov getting traded as well.

While I like both players a lot, I’ve probably been following Kevin Love more closely. It’s undeniable that Kevin Love has talent, but with the return of Kyrie Irving, it’s been tough to see someone like K. Love sort of fade to the background. Admittedly, he’s been laying a lot of groundwork in many of the games post-Kyrie, and has bounced back from the game against the Warriors Monday in the back to backs against the Nets and the Clippers, but it’s tough as fan to watch someone with his previous resume with the Timberwolves come to Cleveland and not perform as well.

K. Love’s got talent, but who’s responsibility is it to hone his skills and assets? Clearly he’s been putting in the work and effort, especially after being injured during the Eastern playoffs against Boston in 2015. He’s also shown a clear commitment to Cleveland when he signed a 5 year deal last July, and lastly, he’s been contributing as a team leader in rebounds, assists, and the overall point total in various games throughout the 2015-2016 season.

However, as all of the team members have been discussing, the Cavs want to win a championship. With their current roster and the changing of the guard as far as coaches, my question is how are they going to go about doing that? With NBA trade deadline looming on February 18th, would making these possible trades be for the good of the whole team who’s been heard to say that they’re “hungry” for a championship?

Some of the questions were answered, post Cavs-Bulls game last night, most notedly by Coach Lue. He made a point of saying that his team wasn’t as conditioned as they should be at this point of the season to play the level of basketball that he wants his players to execute.

Again, not a basketball expert by any means, but I’m curious to see how the NBA season progresses for the Cavaliers under new leadership and if the trade rumors will be substantiated.

Cleveland Cavaliers on

Links to the trade rumors:




I don’t feel qualified to even discuss this issue. However, I will weigh-in with my reactions and feelings…which again, I may or may not be entitled to.

As I was scrolling through my Twitter feed this evening, a tweet for an article on Forbes caught my eye and caused me to sit straight up…”The Cavs fired David Blatt…”

Of course, I clicked on the tweet to read the article and was thinking to myself quietly, “Is no one’s job safe?” After reading the Forbes article I clicked over to the Cavaliers app to find that the press conference with General Manager David Griffin had started.

I tuned in to part of the press conference with GM Griffin, and I thought it was interesting how he emphasized that LeBron James works for the organization and if for the organization because I did notice that a lot of articles were alluding to the fact that LeBron James was responsible for former Coach Blatt’s firing.  Also, after reading more articles with regards to what happened to former Coach David Blatt, apparently no coach’s job is safe in the NBA world.

So basically, I’m pretty surprised about what happened. I don’t want to say I saw that one coming from a mile away, but I’m left wondering how the game with the Chicago Bulls is going to go tomorrow with new leadership. I have seen Head Coach Tyronn Lue a few times in interviews, but haven’t read much on him yet.  We’ll all see what happens.

All I really have to say is something must be going right in order for the Cleveland Cavaliers to be ranked number 1 in the Eastern Conference. I get it’s early on in the season still and after reading up more on other people weighing in on what just happened, even as a now, newly die-hard Cavs fan, I’m wondering what’s in store and if our home team can match up with the big teams in the Western Conference. Again, obviously the Cavs are doing something right…so I hope and pray that whatever that something is, continues to grow and flourish because even the Cavs now have me saying #AllIn and #AllForOne.

(I do have to say, I’m pretty sure a part of the Cavs success is having the big 3, James, Love, and Irving working together. However, I also get there’s also a lot of other talent such as JR Smith, Iman Shumpert, Matthew Dellavedova, Tristan Thompson, and Timofey Mozgov to name a few. On that note, all I will say is, “Let’s go Cavs!”

Here are some links from Forbes and ESPN on Blatt’s firing:


Coaches Association President Rick Carlisle weighs in:

5-on-5 Experts weigh in:

[Insert Creative Title Here]

I’m feeling un-inspired tonight and when I feel un-inspired, my mind tends to wander off in odd ways. Maybe I’ve been reading too much about the research process for grad. school. Or maybe it’s my mind’s way of recovering from being mentally tossed around and critically thinking.

What may or may not have set me off is the Cavs loss to the Warriors last night.

The loss was incredible, and if you’re a Cavs fan, I don’t think any other words are necessary.

However, and I’m knocking my own credibility, right now as a Cavs fan, as I have yet to watch all the interviews post-Cavs-Warriors game, I was super-disappointed that one, Cavs TV didn’t interview Kevin Love post-game and the interview I did catch by the Akron Beacon Journal was totally un-flattering. No one, at least, as far as what I’ve watched so far post-Cavs-Warriors game, called him out on the pick and roll fail, which was discussed on SB Nation…and honestly, the questions that were asked didn’t seem relevant. At least in my novice sports-person opinion. I mean seriously? They asked K. Love about his confidence and lack of inspired playing. Why didn’t they stick with questions like, “What do you think went wrong with the game? How do you think you, yourself, and your team can improve?” And why didn’t they ask him a more focused question like, “What do you think you and your team lacked tonight?”

I have no idea, I’m not a sports news reporter, nor do I wish to be, but I just thought the questions in K. Love’s interview with the press post-game weren’t very meaningful to Cavs fans.  They didn’t get down to the nitty-gritty and say, “You guys just epic-failed against the Warriors, what’s the game plan?”

I suppose I should just pipe down and stick to my day job, but c’mon, I’m sure every Cavs fan was excitedly anticipating this match up. Especially since the Cavs appeared to play their hearts out on the Christmas Day. Even though the Cavs lost, that game was definitely a lot easier to watch than last night’s. True, the season is still young, but with everyone on the squad back and healthy again…definitely not a basketball expert, but they need to get into that better rhythm they keep talking about.

While I support what K. Love discussed in the Fox Sports article from yesterday, from watching the Akron Beacon Journal interview, he lacked the natural confidence he usually has.

And as a Cavs fan looking down from that proverbial bridge…K. Love’s comments from that interview would not have been enough to stop me from jumping from that proverbial bridge…

I felt like his unsaid message was, “After we got figuratively murdered by the best team in the NBA, we basically don’t have a lot to offer our fans at this point in time.”

As an “all in” Cavs fan, who wants to hear that? I want to hear how they’re going to get better.

Maybe I need to go listen to Kyrie, LeBron, and Coach Blatt . (Sorry, Coach Blatt, I did read on social media that you took responsibility for last night’s game, however…your team is pretty deep, and you can’t solely be responsible for last night’s fiasco. Although it’s very mature, adult of you to take the blame. Oh my poor phrasing skills…)

Would you like to see what I’m referring to? Please click on the following links and view the video:

Pick and Roll Fail:

“Look in the mirror”:

“You learn your purpose through relationships.” -Rick Warren

Now, I know Pastor Rick Warren’s message discusses all relationships in general in his message from today’s daily devotional.

However, I have a strange take on the above tweet I included in this post.

What the tweet says is so true, but being the odd female that I am, I’m trying to honestly remember out of the 4 more serious dating relationships I’ve had, when a guy has ever really, actually asked me to be his girlfriend.

Guess what? It only happened once and it’s because I asked, “So what are we?”

Honestly, don’t feel bad. I’m not trying to win sympathy votes here, but in the other 3 relationships, the question was never really asked or brought to the forefront. One or either of us either avoided the question or just started calling the other “girlfriend” or “boyfriend.”

This is surprising to me because I like having a name, definition, or description for things. I think the “What are we?” talk is important.  That discussion sets the tone and can set the expectations for the dating relationship because, I feel when you have “that talk” it sort of solidifies what you both are working towards.

Of course, I’m a fan of, “Actions speak louder than words,” so on the other hand, actions when you are dating someone are important and say or convey to the other person what you are to that person, but I also think verbalizing what you are in a dating relationship is equally as important.

Am I making sense?

Here’s another tweet that struck me:

So much respect for this guy. I have had guys in my life say this to me and have really respected them for being able to be that straight forward with me. Sometimes it wasn’t what I wanted to hear, but I usually respected that guy’s honesty and his ability to verbalize that to me.

Anyways, just food for thought and some reactions to what I’m seeing in my Twitter feed.

Good night all!