No Words…

Note the sarcasm, but I found this little jewel of wisdom on Pinterest last night.  I’m not into feeding negativity, but I felt this phrase is very relevant to my life right now for one reason or another.  Believe it or not, I slept on notion of whether I should post this or not.

Courtesy of:

My initial responses in no logical order…

“Well, good for you.”

“Obviously, we weren’t meant to be.”

“There’s a reason why you’re getting pushed away, you’re either a blessing or a lesson.”

“Don’t talk to me.”

“So you think I’m pushing you away?”

“So we’re a thing?”

“Space was created for a reason.”

“Oh you like it there?  Then stay there. Thanks.”

Now of course, how I applied this to my life or my thoughts is solely your interpretation, dear reader, but like most humans, believe it or not, I feel the urge to be snarky and sarcastic sometimes.  My reactions to this post aren’t particularly noteworthy and are causing me to reference many cliches, but clearly this pin/tumblr post evoked some reactions from me which I found worth sharing.

Good day reader…I said good day!


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