I should really entitle this post, “Forever,” because I just listened to One Voice’s version of Chris Brown’s song.  Alas, I will not because, Christmas Eve is almost upon us.

Life is good.  I just spent an evening with family and great friends, enjoying Christmas cheer and simple things, while trying to unsurreptitiously catch the Cavs game on my iPhone app.  (Just ask my wary sister…sorry, I wasn’t paying attention to the game we were playing at times…woohoo Cavs, 6 in a row, yaassss!!)

However, while my evening was filled with heart-warming fun with family and friends…I also met up with one of my bff’s since middle school and her two kids earlier today for lunch.

Call it my biological clock ticking, but after spending some time with her and her totally adorable kiddoes, it made me slightly wistful and longing to get married and have a family of my own.

No worries, that’s still aways, away, however, that was the second time in the past 3 years that I’ve had that biological, maternal urge to get married and have children.

I mean, I’m your typical early 30 something, female, who wants a career and enjoys being independent, but there are those moments when I catch myself thinking, “Wouldn’t it be nice to be married with kids??”

Again, I have other business to attend to and an ever-looming present filled with lots of adult activities which do not include getting married and pro-creation, however, I thought I’d share, just because it’s  Christmas, and it’s about that time of year when people often reconnect with family and friends.

Anyways, after wrapping some presents and enjoying a Christmas cookie, I’m headed to bed so Santa doesn’t put me on the naughty list.

Good night all! 🙂




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