Boxed in…

I touched on a darker period of my life briefly…and that darker time leads me to discuss dating once again.  My hope is that this blog doesn’t become my venting outlet about solely dating, but it’s something that’s often playing on the outskirts of my mind.

After I had gone through my break-up my senior year of college, my parents were supportive and encouraging me to meet people and often suggested online dating.

At the time, I wasn’t ready.  I think I just wanted to recover and learn the lessons I needed to learn from the two more serious dating relationships that I had been in in college.  I felt like I needed to grow, focus on myself, and mature a little bit.

Plus, it’s heartbreaking and draining investing oneself in a relationship that ultimately is not going to work out.

Not sure if I’m questioning my timing on this.  However, I get it’s ultimately not just about me. A key component I left out in a previous post about dating was God’s timing.

At some point in the day, I try to remember and pray for my future spouse. Maybe I need a little prayer to help me get through this uncertainty about dating.


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