I was scrolling through Pinterest and please forgive the profanity in the last line. I can’t take credit for this.  However, it struck a nerve. Not sure if it’s because I’m guilty of acting this way, however, I’d like to put a more diplomatic spin on this.

What got me is, what if the situation isn’t appropriate to choose sides? Choosing sides is situational and circumstantial, right?  For example, if one has children, would a parent choose between either of them simply because one is better than the other?  Or would a parent look at each of their child’s abilities and qualities that make that child their child and love their child simply for being who he or she is?

Also, speaking from my limited sports fan perspective, why would you choose between LeBron James or Kevin Love? Aren’t they both great players who are a part of a bigger team, with other equally talented and qualified players?  It isn’t just the James and Love show, they’re part of a bigger entity called the Cleveland Cavaliers.

I’m not trying to dim any of the players gifts or talents, I’m just saying they’re a team with different players who stand out at different times and/or during different games throughout the season.

Again, to each his own. I understand that people may prefer one player over other players, or parents may prefer one child over another in certain cases, but my overall message is that brief statement is about choosing a side. Could this person be a little more specific about what he or she is referring to?

Maybe, I’m trying to be too fair or diplomatic for my own good with regards to that pin.

However, as a reader reading this post, can one see my point?  Life isn’t always about choosing sides.  Yes, it is necessary to choose a side, weigh the pros and cons, and do a cost-benefit analysis in different situations. However, I think that this Pinterest share takes a rather extreme perspective on whomever he or she is talking about.

Additionally, I’d like to take a moment and appreciate the post’s honesty. For me, as person, who errs on the side of trying to be fair, I could totally see me being guilty of that, which again is why this Pinterest find probably struck a nerve.

However, my overall response, is really?  Is the last word of this person’s passage really necessary?  There are so many words in the English language that could express just as strong of an emotion and would probably be way more appropriate and would have just the same impact.

While my Pinterest is typically filled with overall positive messages, which are obviously tailored to my interests, leave it to this particular pin to catch my eye.  I’m probably giving this pin unnecessary attention.

On to more positive things in life…





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