Ya got me…

Stress seems to bring out the creative energy in me and I’m hoping that I can eventually turn this nervous energy into something productive.

So one McDonald’s Caramel Frappe later, (coffee snobs, please don’t hate, they’re basically my poor woman’s Frapp, 😉 ),  I’m one final project down, with 2 more to go, with one hopefully turned in by the end of this evening and if not early tomorrow…

However, surprisingly, my present (making it through another graduate school course), is not why I’m posting.

In another vein, I started another blog, that may or may not go hand in hand with with this one.  I posted my first entry today and the other blog site is “not so average jane”.  Please give that site a look and please leave a comment if you’re so inclined. Would love to hear from any of you and see if anything is resonating with or if you have some ideas you’d like to share.

On to the main purpose of this post…

I’m like every other heterosexual female on the planet. I’ve rolled around and mulled over in my mind the type of husband I would like to marry.  Often times what comes mind is Christ-centered, stable, well-respected professional in a well-respected, stable profession, gets along well with his family, and the list goes on.

Need I remind you, I’m just your average Jane with fairly down to earth expectations.  I’ve typically gravitated towards good guys who I would like or liked introducing to my family.  However, never in my wildest dreams would I ever have dreamt or entertained the thought of dating or even marrying a celebrity on any scale.

Of course there were my middle and high school celebrity crushes, ahem, Prince William, J. Timberlake, Hugh Grant, Dennis Quaid, and the list goes on.  However, like most average Janes, I’ve always kept my eyes open and made sure to appreciate the guys who were in my life around me.

Now, I feel my thoughts on celebrity dating starting to shift.  Of course, I’m still your average Jane, but in what I hope to be my not so average Jane mind, I’m starting to feel the pull and attraction of dating a celebrity, mostly from the perspective about what we, as a team, could give back to others if I managed to end up with the right male celebrity fit for me.

Of course the realist in me realizes the chances of me dating your not-so-average Joe are slim to none, however, my not so average Jane mind is allowed to dream, right?

#KeepDreamingLadies #TheStruggleIsReal #Early30SomethingYearOldProbs


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