Yes, I’m a fan…

The weekend procrastination continues, and yes, those assignment/project deadlines are still looming over my head.  However, it’s my hope that after this post, I will put my nose to the grind-stone.

However, as an early 30 something, I somehow feel it is my obligation to express support and appreciation of other fellow thirty somethings who are doing good things to help better our world.

I may be diving into dangerous territory by throwing my support behind a particular sports figure and dare I say, icon, but how can anyone not support LeBron James?

I admit, I’m somewhat biased. I’m born, raised, and am a huge fan of the midwest in general, however, I have to admit LeBron James impresses me for someone who’s in my age group.

I could go into a lot of detail about what he’s achieved and accomplished, but I think I’ll leave that to the experts.  All I really want to say is, I’m glad he decided to come back to Ohio and I’m glad he’s ours.

Hopefully, here’s to the Cleveland Cavaliers working their way to another round at the NBA finals in 2016.  #AllInCLE

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