The theme of this week is to learn mindfulness…and you would think that being in my early 30’s, I would sort of be getting this, but not so much.

I’m really not all that stressed at the moment because I’ve been engaging in activities that calm me.  However, I’m wrapping up an intense grad school course and have deadlines looming upon me, which in my heart is stressful, but in my head, I have this dead calm in my mind and this mantra on repeat saying, “I’ve got this.”

Between new job responsibilities, academics, and trying to self-care…I feel everything culminating at once.

And while I’m trying to take care of those 3 priorities as well as some other priorities…I started some social media in attempts to prepare and open up myself to my future husband.

While dating isn’t a priority right now, I’m open to re-framing my perspective on the whole subject. My thoughts and expectations, like most people, are a work in progress really, but my hope is to have something packaged and pleasant to share when I finally meet the potential “one”.

Not sure exactly where I’m going with all of this, but here’s an interesting YouTube video I’d like to share with you all in cyber space…it’s on mindfulness, which is a practice I am trying to incorporate into my life right now.



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