Instagram Me…

I came across a post on Instagram and it said, “When you kissed me I realized that maybe existing wasn’t such a bad thing if I got to be with you.”

I’m deliberating over going into detail about a very private dating relationship I had in college, however, this quote struck a chord within me. Isn’t it funny how one quote can take you back so many years ago?

How do I discuss how this quote resonated with me without divulging too much and protecting all interested parties?

I guess on the one hand, by posting I’m opening up on a more personal level, but I feel like the thoughts I’m about to share will reach people on a more universal level.

Enough hesitating…and here goes.

I saw a guy one day in college. For some reason he caught my eye one wintry day, however, I found out he was someone else’s boyfriend.

As fate would have it, he poked his head into one of my classes half a year later and he was no longer dating the person who had become a very good friend.  This friend was a mutual friend and I took my chances and let her know I thought he was cute.

I’ve learned a few tough life lessons since then, but, that’s another story.

Basically, our mutual friend orchestrated our meeting. We ended up getting introduced at a school function and got along right away surprisingly.

And the rest was history…

However, the major take away point from this post and how it relates to the Instagram post, is one evening after spending a short time together in the midst of our mutually busy schedules, I took a chance and kissed him on the cheek. I’m not sure if that quote depicts how he felt, but that post reminded me of that night.

My time with him went by quickly and eventually we went our separate ways. I learned a lot from this dating relationship. The story is a bit long, but, I learned a lot from him and a lot about myself. There’s many positive memories and tough lessons I learned from dating him which maybe I will save for another post.  Maybe…