in my opinion…

Dear Cavs,

I can’t say I’ve been watching your games closely this season, but I will say I’m concerned.

My biggest concern is your 4th quarter performances…I’m not sure what’s going on with with the fabulous first three quarters and the 4th quarter burnout…but it’s a big deal.

As a team, I feel like you guys have a lot of depth and a lot of key players to potentially become a super team…but right now, I’m concerned that you guys don’t have it. I get that this year the team has basically been rebuilt…and you guys have shown signs of greatness.

I think it’s crazy how this year, you have fantastic players…while in the previous 3 years, the talent and potential was definitely there…but every game was a nail biter…there was always an air of uncertainty…this year I see the potential of greatness and stability as a team, but how can you guys consistently bring that out in each other and gel together as a team?

Again, not a basketball expert…but what do you guys need to do besides have a positive outlook, watching film, and honing your skills?

Just my two cents…I like watching you guys play…but, I love watching you guys win…


the not so sophisticated life